Homelessness: Orange County Adds 4 Dozen Homeless Beds with Housing Grants

Santa Ana, CA – Orange County is adding another four dozen beds for the homeless.
The Orange County Board of Supervisors approved agreements Tuesday that will dedicate $4.5 million in mental health funding for 48 new bridge housing beds for homeless individuals struggling with mental illness and substance abuse.
“We’re putting our mental health dollars to work addressing homelessness,” said Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “Orange County continues to expand capacity, but these are merely stopgap measures. We need more permanent housing, and we need it equitably distributed among Orange County’s cities.”
Over the next three years, two respected Orange County non-profits, Grandma's House of Hope and Friendship Shelter, will help homeless individuals and families access mental health care, substance abuse treatments, necessary medical care and other services while finding long-term housing. The program is funded with county funds from the Mental Health Services Act.
“The goal of bridge housing is to help people access wraparound services while they search for permanent housing,” said Supervisor Andrew Do, who spearheaded the effort to open Orange County’s first year-round homeless shelter.
Accountability: Requires Sustained Effort by Participants 
The Homeless Bridge Housing program is available to homeless adults, couples and families that are diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness. To stay enrolled in the Bridge Housing program, participants must make a sustained effort to secure housing – with progress tracked and documented to ensure accountability.
“For people that want help, we will continue to provide access to services,” said Supervisor Do.
The County of Orange continues to follow through on its commitment to address homelessness.  Earlier this month, the county approved $1.6 million for supportive housing services for homeless individuals that were removed from the Santa Ana Riverbed and Civic Center