Homelessness: Orange County Taps $1.2 Million in State Emergency Aid for Shelters, Rapid Re-Housing

When it comes to tackling homelessness, Orange County isn't resting on its laurels. 

One week after delivering on Supervisor Andrew Do's promise to open a new homeless shelter within 30 days, the Orange County Board of Supervisors has tapped $1.2 million in state emergency grant funding for homeless shelters and rapid re-housing programs. 

"This is part of our one-two punch to end homelessness," said Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do, who has led the county's comprehensive response to homelessness. "We started by providing a hot meal and warm shower to those in need. Simultaneously, we're working to solve the root causes of homelessness by finding permanent housing for those with nowhere to go." 

Approximately 600 people will gain access to new emergency shelter programs that provide an immediate place to live without a lease. The county's rapid re-housing program will provide short-term rental assistance for up to 24 months to nearly 200 homeless individuals. 

Under the agreements approved Tuesday, four non-profits will receive $1.2 million for rapid re-housing and emergency shelter services in Orange County. More than seven months ago, the County of Orange applied for the State Emergency Solutions Grant grant funding, which is administered by the State Housing and Community Development Department. 

Rapid Re-Housing Programs 

  • $200,000 to Interval House
  • $200,000 to Pathways of Hope
  • $97,000 to Mercy House Living Centers
  • $78,526 to Illumination Foundation

Emergency Shelter Programs 

  • $200,000 to Interval House
  • $200,000 to Mercy House Living Centers, Inc.
  • $200,000 to Pathways of Hope

This Saturday, the public can learn more about the new homeless shelter and additional emergency housing funding at Supervisor Andrew Do's Homeless Forum. 

Orange County: Taking Action to End Homelessness 

Hot Meal, Warm Beds and Clean Showers at New Homeless Shelter 
In September, Supervisor Andrew Do promised to transform an abandoned bus shelter into a homeless shelter within 30 days. On October 5th, he delivered on that promise with the help of Midnight Mission, which has received a $1.4 million contract from the county to run an overnight homeless shelter and daytime drop-in center. 

Under the contract, Midnight Mission will operate a 300-bed homeless shelter with services such as job training, mental health care, and permanent housing options to help provide the homeless a path to self-sufficiency. 

Permanent Housing for Homeless Veterans 
In April, American Family Housing announced that, thanks in part to the county’s assistance, it was receiving $1.7 million for a new veteran housing project in Midway City. Expected to open in November, Potter’s Lane will provide housing and wrap-around services to homeless veterans. 

New Homeless Czar to Cut Red Tape 
Last fall, Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do first proposed a social care coordinator, or homeless czar to cut through bureaucratic red tape and improve existing services. That position was filled in May – with the appointment of Susan Price

Fast-Track for El Nino Storm Shelter 
In advance of the El Nino storms, Supervisor Do succeeded in fast-tracking the transformation of the same facility into an emergency El Nino storm center, which provided food and shelter over more than 4,000 visits during the winter. 

Full Court Press for State & Federal Grants 
In June, the Orange County Board of Supervisors moved forward with an application for an innovative pilot program focused on “whole person care.” If selected, the county and federal matching-funds would allocate $23.5 million to provide targeted wrap-around services to at-risk groups. 

In September, the County approved $8 million to provide housing for people who currently living on the streets or at risk of becoming homeless. 

Building the County's First Permanent Homeless Shelter in Anaheim 
Last November, the Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved building a year-round shelter in Anaheim. When completed, the new shelter will provide employment assistance, access to mental health programs and shelter to hundreds of homeless families.