Tower on the Green

Standing at the entrance to Garden Grove's oldest park, the Village Green, adjacent to historic downtown Main Street, the "Tower on the Green" clock tower symbolizes the proud spirit of the Garden Grove community.

Twin black obelisks, imported from India and made of solid granite, rise at the base of the clock tower. They are inscribed with the names of all the groups, individuals, and business donors who provided crucial funding for the project. Custom-built strawberries, suspended from the adjoining light standards, represent one of Garden Grove's biggest events -- the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, the largest community-based Memorial Day event in the western United States.

On April 18, 2002 the Garden Grove community gathered together to mark the official dedication of The Tower on the Green. The program focused on Garden Grove's rich ethnic diversity, culminating in the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony and release of 100 white doves.

From beginning to end, the Tower on the Green has been a community-wide endeavor, supported by philanthropic donations from all sectors, and publicly dedicated to the dynamic spirit and contributions of Garden Grove's 172,000 residents.

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