Supervisor Andrew Do Sworn Into Office

On Tuesday, January 10th, The Orange County Board of Supervisorswelcomed back First District Supervisor Andrew Do at his swearing in ceremony. 

The Ceremony was held at the Hall of Administration in Santa Ana directly before the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting. The Oath of Office was administered to Supervisor Do by his wife, Superior Court Judge Cheri Pham. Members of the public and the media were invited to attend the swearing in ceremony and reception that followed. 

In his inaugural address, Supervisor Do touched on notable steps the County has taken in tackling the issue of homelessness such as the opening of the Courtyard Transitional Shelter. While acknowledging the accomplishments of the County, Supervisor Do also pointed out that there is still much work to be done. 

"Orange County, should lead the way forward. And that starts by welcoming everyone to the table. So, if you have an idea for how we can improve our community, if you have an idea for how we get more people the right mental health treatment, if you have a way to get more children the right nutrition and health care, then my door is open." Said Supervisor Do, focusing his address on the importance of working collaboratively to meet the challenges facing Orange County. "It won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take persistence and most of all, our community working together." 

During his second term, Supervisor Do plans to continue addressing critical issues facing the community including: 

  • Continuing the momentum in the fight to end homelessness through such initiatives as the Courtyard Transitional Centerand the Kraemer Year-Round Shelter
  • Addressing the needs of children in Orange County through mental health care and proper nutrition
  • Increasing support to Public Safety Agencies
  • Attracting businesses to Orange County
  • Creating more open spaces for children and families to utilize for healthier living

As Supervisor Do continues his service to the vibrant and diverse community of the First District, he is eager to spend the next four years making Orange County a safer, more prosperous, and healthier place to live. 

If you would like to get in contact with the Supervisor Do's office you can call at (714) 834-3110 or email at